Flexible - efficient - suitable for storage.

Coatings with thermo plastic adhesives

Thermoplastic adhesives based on co-polyester, co-polyamide, co-polyolefin, and APAO offer many advantages and are available in the most diverse variants, as e. g. webs, films, powders and adhesive dot coating.

They can be applied as open coatings to almost every substrate so they are available as adhesive partner for any plastic part or hybrid carrier. Perfect material and process configurations can be set because they are extremely well adaptable to the carrier and the individual application. Additionally, the activation of the adhesive layer is very simple; repeated heating and cooling is possible at any time and it thereby not only simplifies the processing, but it also offers a simple rework opportunity.

The lamination results are characterized by reliability and consistency as long as the required machine settings are observed. Outside influences like humidity or ambient temperature are almost inconsequential. The adhesives can be activated indefinitely, which is a significant advantage for all subsequent processes and storage. Depending on the polymer used, you can specify different characteristics regarding the melting point, adhesion of surfaces, flexibility and handle, hydrolysis, UV resistance, washing and cleaning resistance, and other technical conditions.

A temperature resistance of 200°C is possible today and there are no fogging or VOC problems.

The production from renewable resources and recycling products means that this group of adhesives is especially sustainable!

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