CIP - Continuous Improvement Process

We continue our development.

Increasing customer requirements, the striving for perfection, the protection of occupational safety and the development of the market position require effective tools for an optimization of processes and products.

These are comprised in our highly developed CIP system, allowing the integration of all employees in order to implement their ideas and impulses in a targeted manner, thus contributing to the company success. A targeted training performed by internal and external specialist trainers assists all employees to detect reserves in products and processes and to further increase the efficiency of C. H. Müller.

The targeted use of CIP and lean manufacturing guarantees efficient processes, permanent development, and optimization of processes and competitiveness.

Especially regarding the motivation and consciousness of employees, the "bottom-up" principle used in the process of improvement provides all employees the opportunity to participate actively. A clearly structured set of rules and the use of visual tools furthermore secures great transparency and sustainability.

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