Getting the perfect cut.

The production of parts in cutting patterns is increasing in importance in our product portfolio. Here, too, we rely on the greatest possible diversification of technology: C. H. Müller owns CNC cutters allowing us to react to changes to the cutting patterns and to cut different materials to the desired shape with low tension.

We employ the most modern laser technology today and we will in the future; it is versatile for the production of cuts from reel material and the individual design of decoration materials from textiles, real and synthetic leather.

For large volumes, our plant has different beam cutting presses, two automatic punching presses and automatic length cutting machines for the production of rectangular cuts.


CNC Cutter

CNC cutters combine highest possible flexibility for the realization of cutting shape changes with efficiency and high quantities.



Laser technology allows the touch-less manufacturing of pre-cuts within tightest tolerances as well as the individual surface design using engraving technology.



If very high quantities are required in conjunction with high reproducibility, punches are first choice – supported by our in-house punching tool design.

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