From compound material to intelligent textile.

Today's innovative ideas are tomorrow's orders!

Eight well trained and experienced engineers for textile and process engineering from our development department choose the optimal technologies with you and realize the introduction of development projects to serial production including the entire creation of all relevant documents, like EMP, PPA, etc.


Great connections to the regional and nationwide research facilities and universities promote the intense exchange between theoretical knowledge and practical application and ensure innovative developmental work.

The certification of our company according to ISO TS 16949:2009 including product development according to section 7.3 underscores our competency to take over complex developments in areas like automobiles, airplanes, and similar applications.

Entwicklung-Produktion C. H. Müller has the personnel, technical, logistical, and financial possibilities at their disposal to offer comprehensive solutions for current and future projects worldwide as a system supplier.

Our project management team currently has five key account managers who are supported in planning and disposition of complex projects by six serial handlers.

Our purchasing department buys the necessary raw materials, like surface materials, foams, fleece, and other components, worldwide; they are able to combine different suppliers in one project.

CAD [computer-aided design]

In addition to the development of materials, our CAD department offers comprehensive support for our customers with the creation of cutting patterns from digital templates or the transfer of three-dimensional parts into two-dimensional drawings.

With the help of the most modern technologies like photo digitalization, computer-aided nesting, and simulations as well as the development of prototypes, we find solutions and take new, efficient paths!

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