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In addition to the vocational training we offer, we are the practical partner of the Technical University of Chemnitz, the West Saxon University of Zwickau and the University of Cooperative Education of Glauchau.

In addition to modern work spaces, you can look forward to a pleasant work environment. You will work with helpful colleagues as well as experienced trainers who will assist you with any questions. So you can apply the things learned, collect practical experience and gain expert knowledge.

We provide information on several local job fairs, like on the famous industry contacts fair ZWIK in Zwickau.


Wir begleiten Dich zur perfekten Verbindung von Theorie und Praxis durch Dein Studium und unterstützen Dich in folgenden Bereichen:

  • Do an internship with us
  • Choose us as your partner for your internship semester
  • Earn something with a student job
  • Get help from us regarding the assignment of your bachelor or master thesis


After the successful completion of your studies you have a chance of permanent employment with us. There are job opportunities in the following fields:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Development
  • Project Management
  • Production Planning
  • Production Preparation
  • Company Organization
Studies Textile Structures and Technologies

Textile Structures and Technologies

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.)
Cooperative Studies of 6 semesters

Building upon a core curriculum which teaches engineering and economic subjects, all essential basics regarding textile fibers and high-performance materials as well as the basic technologies in the textile chain will be taught in the first three semesters.

Starting in the fourth semester, special competencies in the areas of "functional textiles" and "textile and leather based automobile components" are taught.

In the focus area of "functional textiles", teaching knowledge about the functionalization of textile products for special procedures, smart textiles, and technical textiles for different industries is emphasized. In the focus area of "textile and leather based automobile components", knowledge about vehicle technology and design of the vehicle interior as well as real and synthetic leather production and processing are taught. That is unique in all of Germany.

In the seventh semester the students take part in a several weeks long practical module. With the bachelor theses, the students complete their studies in this semester.

Studium Industrielle Produktion

Industrial Production

Degree: Bachelor of Engineering (B. Eng.)
Cooperative Studies of 6 semesters

The goal of the course of studies is the practical training of qualified employees of the producing sector. The focus is, among other things, the basics of engineering, business organization, and production.

A foundation of the course of studies are the in-depth teachings of scientific and mathematical knowledge as well as engineering skills that enable the candidate to work scientifically substantiated and responsible in their occupation.

The graduates are especially able to select appropriate methods for analysis, modeling, simulations, and optimization and to apply these accurately. In the practical phase, theoretical skills are applied and independently further developed. The students connect the theoretical knowledge with practical skills in several papers that will be questioned.

You will be prepared for your future position in the company through working like an engineer and independently finishing specialized tasks from the future work environment.

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