Perfect seams.

Seams give character to materials and offer numerous technical function extensions for components.

For this, C. H. Müller has a number of different machines and sewing automats made by the companies Pfaff and Dürkopp Adler, modified for the respective product and working with different sewing techniques for decorative seams, sewing with edge cutting, lockstitch seam etc.

In this area we can offer you a complete scope, from a simple decorative seam in door centre panels, up to complex seat covers. Our experienced sewing technicians will gladly help you to achieve optimal results at the product. A large array of references underlines that the vertical integration of sewing processes is extremely competitive.

The close interaction with upstream in-house processes allows us a very quick and flexible reaction to modification requests of our customers and to develop new products in very short time. Supporting processes as e. g. sharpening or perforating allows the production of components within tightest tolerances.

In addition to the traditional sewing process with needle and thread, we can also offer you water-tight seams made with high-frequency welding, or the hemming of edges with the rolled hem machine.

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