Coatings with thermoplastic adhesives.

Thermoplastic adhesives based on co-polyester, co-polyamide, co-polyolefin and APAO offer many advantages and are available in a variety of forms such as webs, films, powder and adhesive point coating.

They can be applied as an open coating to almost any substrate and are then available as adhesive partners for any plastic part or hybrid carrier. Due to the extremely good adaptability to the carrier part and the application, perfect material and process constellations can be set.

Activating the adhesive layer is also very easy: repeated heating and cooling is possible at any time and not only makes processing easier, it also ensures easy reworking.

The lamination result is characterized by a high level of security and consistency as long as the prescribed machine data are complied with. External factors, such as air humidity or ambient temperature, play almost no role. The adhesives can be activated indefinitely, which is an invaluable advantage for all subsequent processes and storage. Depending on the use of polymer, a wide variety of properties can be set with regard to melting point, adhesion to surfaces, flexibility and grip, hydrolysis, UV resistance, resistance to washing and cleaning and other technical framework conditions.

A temperature resistance up to 200 ° C / 392 ° F is easily possible today and there are no fogging or VOC problems.

The production from renewable raw materials and recycling products makes this group of adhesives particularly sustainable and future-proof!