Seams with character

Seams give materials character and offer a wide range of technical functional extensions for components.

C. H. Müller has a large number of different sewing machines and sewing robots from the manufacturers Pfaff and Dürkopp Adler, which have been modified for the respective project and work with different sewing technologies for decorative seams, sewing with edge cuts, quilting seams, etc.

In this area we can offer you the complete range from simple decorative seams in door center panels to complex covers for seats. Our experienced sewing technicians will be happy to help you achieve the optimum result on the product.

Extensive references underline that the vertical integration of sewing processes is extremely competitive.

The close interaction with the upstream processes enables us to react very quickly and flexibly to change requests from our customers and to develop new products in a very short time. Supporting processes such as skiving or perforating enable the production of components within the narrowest tolerances.

In addition to the traditional sewing process with needle and thread, we can also offer you watertight seams using high-frequency welding or trimming edges using a roller presser.