Our versatile manufactured products from textile to artificial and natural leather can be found today in many components of well-known automotive brands, in innovative medical products, in the aircraft and rail vehicle industry as well as in a variety of industrial applications.

Examples of this include interior trim and seats in the vehicle, sun protection components for private and industrial needs, composites for aircraft skin and covers for child seats or medical hygiene products.

Individual applications

Your creativity knows no limits!

As an innovative market leader, we are able to work with you to develop solutions for almost all areas of application for technical textiles, hybrid composite materials made of plastics and metals, natural leather and other materials.

We can draw on more than 150 years of experience, state-of-the-art machines and technologies, committed employees and an extensive network of partners and suppliers.

Various certifications of our company according to the highest standards guarantee security and efficiency.

Try us! We look forward to your development requests!