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We have been successfully training young people for over 15 years and we want to continue to train our future skilled workers ourselves. Currently, we employ 10 trainees in different occupational areas and years.

With us, a team of open-minded people awaits you and they will gladly share their experience with you.

C. H. Müller offers you the opportunity to participate in various exciting areas in our company. Our trainers will always be there to help you succeed.

Following documents should be included in your application:

In your application, please mention your skills, knowledge and interests that may be of use to you in your desired apprenticeship!


Textile Product Finisher (m/f/d)

We will explain you how to handle textiles and at the same time comply with quality, environmental, and occupational safety guidelines. In addition to that, we teach you how to read and process production orders. You will learn to determine technology data, to set process data, and to optimize it. We will show you how to maintain our machines and systems and fix small malfunctions. Also, quality assurance of the manufactured product is a part of this training.

Vocational training duration: 3 years



Machine and Plant Operator Focus of Textile Finishing (m/f/d)

Among other things, you will learn how to maintain our machines and plants and you will carry out small work assignments yourself. We will teach you how to exchange wear parts and how to modify the production plants. You will set machine parameters and control the process. Additionally, you will get to know how to monitor the quality of the finished product.

Vocational training duration: 2 years



Warehouse Clerk / Warehouse Logistics Specialist (m/f/d)

We will explain to you how to receive materials and verify their type, amount, and condition. You will be shown how to store and remove materials and you will learn what is important when forwarding materials within the company. You will independently select deliveries to the customer and create the necessary accompanying documentation. You can look forward to a highly modernized logistics area with different modes of transportation whose operation is part of your training.

Vocational training duration: 2 years (Warehouse Clerk), 3 years (Warehouse Logistics Specialist)



Textile and fashion sewer (m/f/d)

As a textile and fashion sewer, you should be interested and enjoy working with textiles. We offer you a varied and exciting job. Your tasks primarily include assembling cut parts made of synthetic leather, leather and fabric on state-of-the-art sewing machines and conventional industrial sewing machines. In particular, you produce small series, samples and prototypes. You produce high-quality parts with us, which can be found today e.g. in the interior of all well-known car brands. In addition to industrial sewing, you will also learn the classic basics of making all kinds of textiles and clothing. Starting with the planning, over the cutting, up to the numerous sewing methods.

Vocational training duration: 3 years



Industrial clerk (m/f/d)

As an industrial clerk, you control business processes in the company. In the area of procurement, you compare offers, negotiate with suppliers and supervise the receipt and storage of goods. To compute calculations and price lists and to conduct sales negotiations with the customer is your area of responsibility in sales. In the area of accounting and finance, you edit, book and control the processes involved in business transactions. In human resources, you determine the need for employees, plan the deployment of staff and participate in the recruitment or selection. At C. H. Müller you are, so to speak, the all-rounder - we offer you an exciting and, above all, varied job.

Vocational training duration: 3 years


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