Committed to employees and the environment.

As a responsible, environmentally conscious and modern company, the health of our employees, customers and partners as well as the resource-saving handling of raw materials is very important to us!

For this reason, during the basic development of our products, we place great value on environmentally friendly, highly recyclable basic products, energy-efficient processes and the highest level of occupational safety.

Extensive data is collected and evaluated on all decisive parameters, and on this basis, we continuously work on optimizing our products and processes in terms of real sustainability.

The pioneering role of C. H. Müller is underpinned by the following examples:
We are the first laminating company in Europe to add a fully biological exhaust gas cleaning system to the flame laminating process. Environmentally harmful components of the exhaust gases from the combustion process are washed out and decomposed by microorganisms almost without residue. So only water vapor is released into the atmosphere and the environment is protected.

The trend towards sustainable electromobility has already entered our factory traffic. Efficient, quiet and energy-saving electric trucks, electric cars and the latest generation of hybrid vehicles are used.

Electricity generation via photovoltaics is an important part of our energy generation concept and reduces the influence of electricity price fluctuations within the markets.